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Joshua Kenneth Satria
I like drawing things related to my favorite cartoons and shows
like Adventure time, Gravity falls and Steven Universe to name a few.
I also occasionally draw monsters...


Of monsters and men- Chapter1 Pg.1 by TheWatcherofWorlds
Of monsters and men- Chapter1 Pg.1
Here's the first page, this was was tricky to make or maybe im doing things wrong but its done so enjoy...
So I've got CAS project for school and I plan to make a webcomic for the Creative part, Im going to post those here so feel free to check it out and comment, I'll add a page every weekend around Sunday
Overwatch - Assasin Hog by TheWatcherofWorlds
Overwatch - Assasin Hog
After abandoning a big project I had planned for some time and realizing I'm not good enough to start a comic just yet.
I've been slow on ideas on what to do next. So I've decided to move over to another thing I like and draw that in the mean time, which is Overwatch.

So basically I was playing Attack on the Dorado map and trying out Roadhog for Quickplay, after being mowed down by arrows and bastion bullets, I've developed a useful strategy of combating these guys:
Hog's scrap gun does real good at close range and the hook is an good for ambush, so I go through the tunnel below and stealthily sneak behind enemy lines and up the building, then take out these guys one by one with hook and gun hopefully without any of the others knowing, buying time for my team to push the payload.
Very fun and satisfying kills...
Reformed - Blue Aragonite by TheWatcherofWorlds
Reformed - Blue Aragonite
And another one because I feel like it and I just find it easier to make unique designs compared to corrupted gems. Here is the reformed version of the Gem Cave Creature from the episode Arcade Mania.

Her backstory:
Blue Aragonite was a leading crafter class gem who worked in a kindergarten on a rocky planet near Homeworld's solar system, she had a knack for making powerful warrior class gems and occasionally made weapons to help in the invasions requested by the diamonds.

In times between these projects she often spends her time exploring the edges of homeworld's empire for inspiration for new gem types, mainly in organic creatures, she gets the job done and makes fine soldiers so the diamonds tend to overlook this aspect.


No journal entries yet.

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